Polo is a glamorous, high-speed and athletic sport that epitomises the lifestyle many consumers aspire to.
Spectators at polo events are extremely receptive to brand messaging as they are enjoying themselves, be it leisure or corporate hospitality.

Those who watch polo on TV or read about it – either in specialist titles or national newspapers and magazines – will also be seeking to affiliate themselves with the brands that surround the enticing world of polo. Many famous brands have and continue to sponsor polo players, teams and events because of this targeted exposure, from jewellery and drinks companies to car and clothing manufacturers.

Richard is currently seeking personal sponsorship and provides a stunning opportunity for the right brands to invest. Not only would one be gaining exposure to the high end glamour of polo but also a very professional and athletic sportsman. If you are interested in sponsoring Richard please email richard@lepoerpolo.com.

Thus far in his career Richard has represented many brands while playing polo around the world:

  • Cartier for the Prince of Wales team when winning the Golden Jubilee Cup.
  • Audi for the England international junior and senior teams.
  • Julius Bär when winning The St. Moritz Polo World Cup on snow in Switzerland and playing the Dubai Gold Cup in Dubai.
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre when playing the English 15 goal championships and the Silver Cup in Buenos Aires Argentina.
  • Hackett when playing for the 8goal snow polo championship in Klosters Switzerland
  • Tshwene Lodge when playing the Weekend Cup at Kurland Park in South Africa.
  • Rock Energy when playing the Knepp 0-40 Cup.

Richard believes in hard work. His determination and commitment to the training of himself and his horses along with the right partnerships will ensure he makes it to the top of his sport.