Lepoerpolo Consultancy

Lepoerpolo Consultancy brings an experienced yet fresh and contemporary business approach to the world of polo.

Lepoerpolo understands that with polo being an intensive and high net asset occupation, one cannot afford to approach it without using tried, tested and accepted business practices.

Richard with his own experience in dealing with the ins and outs of the polo world can point you in the right direction.


Assistance for the Patron

In a sport such as polo where large sums of money are often involved in terms of pony power, support services, facilities, fees, vehicles and other outside human influences, substantial funds can be lost due to ineffective management practices. As a third-party, independent professional business which understands the sports parameters and associated costs, we can help you set up a workable and cost-effective management program to ensure that you gain the most out of your polo without the worry that your team funding is being used ineffectively.


Assistance for new players to polo

Entering into any new field of work or sport can always be a nerve-wracking experience. As with so many sports there are many pitfalls which can befall the new enthusiast which can be costly to the pocket and morale. Allow lepoerpolo, as a professional and competent management consultancy, to guide you along the ideal path of what is a hugely enjoyable and exciting sport.


Polo Lessons

Richard has a 4 goal handicap rating. He offers a range of lessons from beginner to coaching for an experienced player or team.


Bumper Course

This is a course for beginners or someone completely new to riding and polo. It involves 3 two hour sessions at a price of £600 for each individual. Sessions can involve groups of up to three people.


Individual Lessons

Lessons are charged at a rate of £200 an hour. This is for someone of any standard or level.



To arrange lessons or to find ou more, please email Richard at richard[AT]lepoerpolo.com.