Young Horse Academy

Richard has developed his own unique style of breaking horses, introducing them to polo and developing them in the game. He has learnt from some of the best polo pony producers in the game including Ellerston and Carlos Gracida. He has also developed this unique style through trial and error with his own ponies and young stock.


Le Poer Theory

Richard believes that you must never try and break a horse’s spirit but to work with it in building an understanding between horse and rider. Each horse has different characteristics and personality. Thus different approaches must be taken when trying to make that connection between horse and rider. Richard uses three main rules when working with a horse:

Trust: Trust between horse and rider must be developed in order to obtain the best results.

Dominance: Horses are herd animals and are naturally used to responding to a dominant figure. Between horse and rider the rider must establish themselves as the dominant figure in the relationship.

Reward: When completing a task or responding well to a signal the horse must be rewarded with a pressure free period of time.



Lepoerpolo is happy to take on and work with any level of polo pony from unbroken to competition ponies with the end goal of improving performance and maintaining peak fitness and health. For a quote and training plan for your individual horse email Richard personally on richard[AT]lepoerpolo[DOT]com.


Breaking Programme

Phase 1: handling, leading and introduction to bit.

Phase 2: long-reining, introduction to saddle and round ring lunging.

Phase 3: backing and the 4 signals, left, right, stop and forward. All done in the round ring.

Phase 4: outrides and introduction to neck reining.


Competition Ponies

Richard’s preparation for competition ponies is drawn up from his own experience in polo around the world and accepted equine fitness training methods, remedial and aqua ice therapy. His horses are very much part of the family and are trained, treated and produced for competition as individuals. With the backing of a large team of loyal specialists in their respective fields (feed nutritionist, farrier, equine physiotherapist and vet) the ponies are given every opportunity in maintaining peak physical and mental fitness.

Richard strongly believes a happy, healthy horse that loves life and enjoys their work will perform time and time again to the very best of their ability.